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Sissy Training

Sissy training with Mistress RachelSo what is sissy training?  Why do you need it?  You’re probably already dressing up in cute panties, bras, stockings, and nighties.  Probably experimenting with make up too. So why should you call me for sissy phone training?

First, the basics.  You want to wear that short, tight dress and those hot fuck-me high heels?  You need to learn how to walk like a girl, talk like a girl, light your cigarette like a girl.  You need to look and act like a girl.  Of course, I’ll help you with that.

But becoming a sissy is about more than just developing and enhancing your feminine side.  More than just learning to move and act and think in a feminine way.    I demand more than that from you.

Submit to my sissy training and you’ll find I demand extreme femininity.  I insist you wear the girliest panties, the frilliest nighties and the highest stiletto high heels.  You’ll walk with your shoulders back and breasts thrust out and you will roll your hips in a way that would keep any man’s eyes glued to your ass. You’ll have glossy red lipstick and pink painted toenails.

I demand extreme sexuality as well.  Sissy femininity means you must become a total sex object.  A submissive sex doll. You’ll learn to think of your mouth and pussy as pleasure holes.  Develop expert sissy cock sucking skills.  Learn to both crave the taste of cum and love the feel of it splashing across  your face.  Train your pussy to easily take any cock, no matter how large.  And always be ready to take any cock, in either of your sissy holes, whether it’s my strap on cock or anyone else’s cock.  Female or male.

Extreme?  Yes, but it’s what you’ve always secretly dreamed of, isn’t it?  That’s why you need sissy training. I will push your limits and transform you into the hottest, girliest sissy slut you can be.


Sissy Spanking For Naughty Sissy Training

spanking-sissy-trainingIf you don’t already know, let me tell you, I am very serious about my sissy training and making you the best sissy you can be to please me. It’s not just about you, my sissy pet, it’s about pleasing your Sissy Mistress and doing what she demands you do. There will be consequences if you don’t. If you are careless about not wearing panties every single day, if you are lazy about shaving or other feminine pursuits that you have been given as sissy training assignments, then you will be duly punished. And my preferred punishment is a sissy spanking.

Yes, you will have your panties pulled down for a sissy spanking. It will either be an over the knee, bare bottom spanking with my hand or, if you’re a very naughty sissy, with a hair brush. Or I may make you bend over and grab something, like the back of a chair, and warm your sissy ass with a belt or a strap to teach you a lesson during our sissy phone session.

When we share time together in a sissy phone chat, you should treat it as a privilege and treat me like the superior Sissy Mistress that I am. And when I give you a sissy training assignment that is to be carried out until the next time we connect, this is not something for you to take lightly. Your sissy transformation is an adventure! I have great expertise in sissification and you need to submit to me with enthusiasm and willingness to do as I instruct. If not,  those sissy panties will be pulled down and you will get a sissy spanking that you won’t forget, missy!

Forced Feminization Sissy Training

forced-feminization-sissy-trainingWhen I had my first experience with forced feminization, I’d never even heard of sissy training.  I was just operating on my own inborn femdom instincts.

I was in my first year of college, new to domination and walked in on my boyfriend unexpectedly to find him wearing panties and masturbating.  He almost shrieked in panic and sounded so girly that I burst out laughing.   He was flushed red with embarrassment and trying to get away from me, but it was very obvious that his cock was harder than ever.  And it seemed that the more I giggled, the harder he got.

I already knew he was submissive and we’d played at domination a little bit before. I’d tied him up and spanked him.  But never done anything involving feminzation or sissy training.    Apparently his fetish for that was too humiliatingly intense to tell me about it. And he didn’t want to share it with me now.  But his nervous embarrassment was far too much of a turn on for me to let it go.

Next time I had him tied up, I forced panties onto him again as he blushed and begged me to take them off.  Then I put stockings and high heels on him too.  I teased him and stroked his already stiffening cock through the panties and then took pictures of him showing the little “tent” in his panties. The more he blushed and begged me to stop, the more aroused I got.  That was just the first of many sessions of  increasingly embarrassing forced feminization for him.

And for me too.  So many of you little sluts are conflicted about your feminine desires and need to be coerced  into the sissy training you need.  But forcing you into becoming my feminized slut is as much of a turn on for me now as it ever was. So proceed carefully when you call me because I just love seducing sissy phone sex callers into giving me whatever incriminating photos or information I need to put the “force” into my plans for your forced feminization.  🙂


Humiliation Sissy Training

sissy humiliation trainingOne of my sissy phone callers’ favorite things is to hear about taking my sissy to the salon. Of course it’s an embarrassing experience, with all the women there staring and giggling, but that kind of sissy humiliation is important for proper sissy training.

The embarrassment begins before you’re more than a few feet through the door with the discussion at the front desk between the salon owner and myself. I point out all the waxing, hairstyling and coloring, eyebrow grooming, manicuring and pedicuring that I want done on my sissy. And oh yes, some piercing too — ears, nipples and belly button. She nods with smiling approval, but asks if all the handling of you by the very attractive women on her staff will cause a “reaction” from you. You blush and I laugh as I assure her that will NOT be a problem at all and I show her tiny chastity cage you’re locked into.

Naturally she laughs too when she sees it and you blush even more. But I continue, saying that if you do misbehave in any way, she and her staff should just bend you over and give you a good hard spanking on your bare bottom. As she nods again, I hand her a pink paddle that has your name on it.

Want to hear what happens next? Is this the kind of sissy humiliation that makes your clitty tingle when you fantasize about being in the hands of a sissy training Mistress? Good! I’m Mistress April. Just pick up the phone and call me and I’ll explain all about my personal style of humiliating sissy phone training.