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Cuckold Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex for cuckold sissy slutsAlmost every one of my sissy phone sex callers who has a Mistress or a wife is a cuckold sissy. But that’s not too surprising, is it? After all, a Mistress who enjoys sissy training probably also enjoys things like sissy humiliation and sissy cocksucker training.  If you were my sissy, you’d learn very quickly that although I may enjoy dressing you up in your panties, stockings and high heels and then outlining your mouth with lipstick, when I want sex, I want it with a real man.

You would beg to be allowed to watch me being fucked by a macho alpha male, wouldn’t you?  You’d beg for it no matter how many humiliating conditions I put on being allowed that privilege.  The humiliation of being forced to wear your frilliest, pink sissy panties in front of  my lover.  The humiliation of watching him smirk as I lock your little cocklette into a chastity cage, then hand him the key.  And I hope you like cuckold creampie because you would definitely be ordered to lick me clean afterward.

I might even make you endure the most intense cuckold sissy humiliation of all — being my cuckold fluffer.  Just think how humiliatingly exciting to be on your knees, in your girly panties and your mouth slick with bright red lipstick, as I put one hand on your head and my other hand guides his cock between your lips.  It will get me even more excited to listen to you gagging on his big, manly cock  as your mouth works hard to get it ready to fuck me the way you never could.

Just thinking about this makes your little clittie hard, doesn’t it?  I love sissy phone sex because sissy humiliations like these are a turn on for me too.  Call me and let’s talk about every humiliating detail of making you a cuckold sissy.

Humiliation Sissy Training

sissy humiliation trainingOne of my sissy phone callers’ favorite things is to hear about taking my sissy to the salon. Of course it’s an embarrassing experience, with all the women there staring and giggling, but that kind of sissy humiliation is important for proper sissy training.

The embarrassment begins before you’re more than a few feet through the door with the discussion at the front desk between the salon owner and myself. I point out all the waxing, hairstyling and coloring, eyebrow grooming, manicuring and pedicuring that I want done on my sissy. And oh yes, some piercing too — ears, nipples and belly button. She nods with smiling approval, but asks if all the handling of you by the very attractive women on her staff will cause a “reaction” from you. You blush and I laugh as I assure her that will NOT be a problem at all and I show her tiny chastity cage you’re locked into.

Naturally she laughs too when she sees it and you blush even more. But I continue, saying that if you do misbehave in any way, she and her staff should just bend you over and give you a good hard spanking on your bare bottom. As she nods again, I hand her a pink paddle that has your name on it.

Want to hear what happens next? Is this the kind of sissy humiliation that makes your clitty tingle when you fantasize about being in the hands of a sissy training Mistress? Good! I’m Mistress April. Just pick up the phone and call me and I’ll explain all about my personal style of humiliating sissy phone training.

Sissy Training With A Sissy Phone Mistress

Sissy training with a sissy phone Mistress

Do you have a sexy girl hidden deep inside of you aching to be set free? Our sissy phone Mistresses are experienced with every aspect of sissy training from teaching you how to walk in high heels to how to properly suck cock.

There are many sissy phone sex sites and you’ve probably called many of them and been disappointed. But you won’t find the “one size fits all” approach to sissy training here.

We understand that every sissy is an individual and your training will be customized to your needs. Maybe you just want to explore your feminine side and become the girliest girl you can be. Maybe you need a sissy Mistress to push your submissive limits with sissy maid training or sissy cuckold humiliation. Or maybe you’re a wanton sissy slut at heart, dreaming of being pimped out by your sissy phone Mistress. We are experienced Sissy Trainers and genuinely enjoy all kinds of sissy training and sissy fantasy including:

Forced feminization
Sissy slut training
Sissy humiliation
Strap on training
Sissy maid training
Sissy cuckold
Sissy assignments
Sissy spanking
Gloryhole service
Panty boys
Make up and clothing advice

Ready to begin? There’s always a Mistress available, 24 hours a day. Call now and let’s begin your sissy phone training!