Month: November 2012

Cuckold Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex for cuckold sissy slutsAlmost every one of my sissy phone sex callers who has a Mistress or a wife is a cuckold sissy. But that’s not too surprising, is it? After all, a Mistress who enjoys sissy training probably also enjoys things like sissy humiliation and sissy cocksucker training.  If you were my sissy, you’d learn very quickly that although I may enjoy dressing you up in your panties, stockings and high heels and then outlining your mouth with lipstick, when I want sex, I want it with a real man.

You would beg to be allowed to watch me being fucked by a macho alpha male, wouldn’t you?  You’d beg for it no matter how many humiliating conditions I put on being allowed that privilege.  The humiliation of being forced to wear your frilliest, pink sissy panties in front of  my lover.  The humiliation of watching him smirk as I lock your little cocklette into a chastity cage, then hand him the key.  And I hope you like cuckold creampie because you would definitely be ordered to lick me clean afterward.

I might even make you endure the most intense cuckold sissy humiliation of all — being my cuckold fluffer.  Just think how humiliatingly exciting to be on your knees, in your girly panties and your mouth slick with bright red lipstick, as I put one hand on your head and my other hand guides his cock between your lips.  It will get me even more excited to listen to you gagging on his big, manly cock  as your mouth works hard to get it ready to fuck me the way you never could.

Just thinking about this makes your little clittie hard, doesn’t it?  I love sissy phone sex because sissy humiliations like these are a turn on for me too.  Call me and let’s talk about every humiliating detail of making you a cuckold sissy.

Sissy Strap On Training Phone Sex

Sissy strap on training phone sexI think my favorite sissy phone calls are the sissy strap on training calls. There aren’t many things that can make you feel more like a slutty girl than sissy strap on training.

Put on your girliest panties, get on your knees and imagine me rubbing my strap on cock all over your face. I’ll tease you with it, running it over your slick, glossy, lipsticked lips, and tell you what a good sissy cocksucker you are. I want you to run your tongue all around the shaft of my cock, press your lips to the head of it, show me how badly you want me to fill your mouth with it. I know you want it but I like to hear you beg for it. Take it deep, all the way back into your throat. Gag on it for me. You want to be my very best sissy cocksucker, don’t you?

But strap on sissy training won’t stop with your mouth. I am going to fill and stretch and fuck your sissy pussy too. I’ll put you on your back with your legs spread and make you moan like a slut as I pinch your nipples and rub my strap on cock back and forth over your pussy. You’ll be a good little sissy slut and beg for every inch of my cock in your sissy pussy too. Sissy strap on sex is the only kind of sex you’ll get, and the only kind you’ll want, from now on.

Are you feeling a tingle in your pussy just from reading this? Naughty girl! Call me right now for a personalized sissy phone sex training program.