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Sissy Spanking For Naughty Sissy Training

spanking-sissy-trainingIf you don’t already know, let me tell you, I am very serious about my sissy training and making you the best sissy you can be to please me. It’s not just about you, my sissy pet, it’s about pleasing your Sissy Mistress and doing what she demands you do. There will be consequences if you don’t. If you are careless about not wearing panties every single day, if you are lazy about shaving or other feminine pursuits that you have been given as sissy training assignments, then you will be duly punished. And my preferred punishment is a sissy spanking.

Yes, you will have your panties pulled down for a sissy spanking. It will either be an over the knee, bare bottom spanking with my hand or, if you’re a very naughty sissy, with a hair brush. Or I may make you bend over and grab something, like the back of a chair, and warm your sissy ass with a belt or a strap to teach you a lesson during our sissy phone session.

When we share time together in a sissy phone chat, you should treat it as a privilege and treat me like the superior Sissy Mistress that I am. And when I give you a sissy training assignment that is to be carried out until the next time we connect, this is not something for you to take lightly. Your sissy transformation is an adventure! I have great expertise in sissification and you need to submit to me with enthusiasm and willingness to do as I instruct. If not,  those sissy panties will be pulled down and you will get a sissy spanking that you won’t forget, missy!

Sissy Training With A Sissy Phone Mistress

Sissy training with a sissy phone Mistress

Do you have a sexy girl hidden deep inside of you aching to be set free? Our sissy phone Mistresses are experienced with every aspect of sissy training from teaching you how to walk in high heels to how to properly suck cock.

There are many sissy phone sex sites and you’ve probably called many of them and been disappointed. But you won’t find the “one size fits all” approach to sissy training here.

We understand that every sissy is an individual and your training will be customized to your needs. Maybe you just want to explore your feminine side and become the girliest girl you can be. Maybe you need a sissy Mistress to push your submissive limits with sissy maid training or sissy cuckold humiliation. Or maybe you’re a wanton sissy slut at heart, dreaming of being pimped out by your sissy phone Mistress. We are experienced Sissy Trainers and genuinely enjoy all kinds of sissy training and sissy fantasy including:

Forced feminization
Sissy slut training
Sissy humiliation
Strap on training
Sissy maid training
Sissy cuckold
Sissy assignments
Sissy spanking
Gloryhole service
Panty boys
Make up and clothing advice

Ready to begin? There’s always a Mistress available, 24 hours a day. Call now and let’s begin your sissy phone training!